Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed towards Roundstone For Fun 2018, which raised an incredible €12,132.


Special thanks to Fionn McArdle for providing the video for last years event.


Our Mission

Raising money for cancer research and development of the Roundstone community centre

Roundstone For Fun was set up by friends of the village of Roundstone with the dual purpose of raising money for Cancer Research and for the development of the Roundstone Community Centre. Last year we raised an incredible total of €12,132. All funds raised are divided between the two above-mentioned causes.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a challenging time for anyone, as well as for their family and friends. We have all known someone who has been affected by cancer, indeed in the past number of years some our family members and friends have been diagnosed with cancer which has created the spark for this event in the hope that we may contribute towards a cure for cancer.

Our Mission- Roundstone.png

Breast Cancer Research (formerly NBCRI)

is a national charity that funds a comprehensive research programme at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


In recent years Roundstone Community centre has enjoyed a facelift to the tune of €240,000. Improvements to the car park, landscaping and the side garden are particularly striking. This was made possible through fundraising from Tour de Bog and other events held throughout the year with further assistance from Government Grants. Roundstone For Fun wants to continue this good work and we want to see the Community Centre being enhanced and to become a inspiring place to hold events. Why the name Roundstone For Fun – (RFF) – We want to try and bring the two together by having fun events to raise money for two wonderful causes.


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